Who am I ?

Professor Titular (Ordinary Teacher)
Departament de Filologia Grega (Department of Greek Philology)
Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes 585, 08007 Barcelona
Universitat de Barcelona (University of Barcelona)
Telephone: 934035996
Fax: 934035596
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dr. Pau Gilabert Barberà

Master Dissertation: Visual Diagrams for the Tragic Irony in Sophocles' tragedies. Electra as an example. PhD Excellent & Highest Award in Classical Philology. Unpublished.

Doctoral Dissertation: Stoic Love (Ancient Stoicism). Excellent Summa Cum Laude & Highest Award in Classical Philology. Published in form of different articles.

Coordinator of the Grup d'Innovació Docent Consolidada (GIDC) "Electra".
Member of the Sociedad Española de Estudios Clásicos (SEEC).
Member of the Societat Catalana de Estudis Clàssics (SCEC).

Teaching: at the Faculties of Philology, Philosophy and History of the University of Barcelona, as a professor of Greek Philology and Classical Tradition at all levels, i.e., from the first courses to doctoral ones.

Subjects: Mainly Greek Grammar (Morphology and Syntax), Reading of Philosophical Texts, and Classical Tradition (Greek Tradition and Western Literatures, and Greek Thought and Western Culture).

Publications: As seen below, mainly on Greek Philosophy and Classical Tradition.

Personal Interests: Everything related to the influence of Greek Thought on Western Contemporary Culture in different realms such as Literature, Thought, Cinema, Theatre, Art, etcetera.

If you wish to get in touch with me with regard to any of the articles shown on this web page, any comments will be welcome.